Wishing Lady Gaga a quick and full recovery. I don't listen to her music but hold her in high esteem as a talented and professional performer.

Lady Gaga Cancels Tour Because of Hip Injury

恭祝大家恭喜發財,身體健康,萬事如意。亦希望我這個屬蛇的人在這年內在電影電視唱歌各方面有不少的作品貢獻給大家享受 :-)

Batty update (2013-02-09)

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Batty returned home on Wednesday. He hadn't eaten in the three days that he was at the hospital but we expected that.

Arriving back at home, I had to get him out of the car. He was too weak to climb down from the car on his own, and it was very difficult to pick him up from inside the back seat of the car. Fortunately, we had hung a 帆布 sheet in the back that we use whenever the kids get in the car with us. I was able to detach the sheet from the front and back seats, grab the edges and lift it up with Batty in the middle. Back inside the house area, I gently put the sheet with Batty inside down on the ground. Batty got up and walked inside.

Eating has been a problem. Even back home, Batty hasn't really wanted to eat. We tried all kinds of foods including dog food, raw meat, cooked Chinese food, and milk. He did drink some milk but not a lot. On Thursday however, my wife discovered that if we fed the food to him by hand one mouthful at a time, he would actually eat it. So, 3 or 4 small hand-fed meals a day, Batty is slowly regaining his strength.

Blood sugar is not yet a problem, thankfully. We'll deal with that when it returns, if it returns :-)

Cheers all.

RTHK1 and Hacking in New York

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A news item this morning on RTHK1 caught my attention. They revealed that a newspaper company in the U.S.A. had been hacked. What was curious about the item was that they didn't refer to the company by name.

The New York Times was hacked for a period of roughly 4 months, from September last year, just a few days before they published their first exposé of the wealth of Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao's family. The Chinese government prefers to keep the wealth of its members a secret and vigorously disputed the article, going as far as to block access to The New York Times website from China. A cyber-security consultant firm hired by The New York Times investigated and monitored the hacking activity, and after comparing the patterns, methods and timing of the activity to other investigations in their database concluded that the hackers were based in Beijing.

You can read about the hacking and the investigation here:
Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months.

Again, I found it curious that RTHK1 didn't mention The New York Times by name. Commercially, it doesn't make sense to omit the name. The New York Times is not a competitor to RTHK. That leaves politics. I doubt that the Hong Kong government would direct the radio station to omit the name, so I can only surmise that RTHK made an internal-monitoring "politically correct" decision to omit the name, possibly to prevent curious listeners surfing over to The New York Times and reading the whole story.

Another matter related to The New York Times' Premier Wen Jia Bao article: Does anyone else think it curious that less than 4 months after The New York Times published its Premier Wen Jia Bao article, that the Hong Kong government surreptitiously passed a law preventing the public from accurately identifying or searching corporate directors and shareholders by their full name and ID? The relationship of these two events? The reporter who investigated and wrote the article obtained all of his data from public records by tracing the directors/shareholders through multiple levels of companies. Again, whenever RTHK has discussed the new law, no one has brought up The New York Times' story. The new law allows a new kind of corruption to go unchecked, but nobody's talking about it.

Makes you think...

Batty’s second pancreas operation

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Our dog Batty had a second operation yesterday to try to identify and remove an insulinoma from his pancreas. Unfortunately, removal was not possible. We will now have to try various medications to keep his insulin in check and maintain healthier blood glucose levels.

我們的狗狗 Batty, 昨天再次開刀希望能夠把他胰腺裡的胰島素癌割除。可惜割除不了。現在要試試服特別藥物來控制他的胰島素。